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Ring’s new Pet Tag puts a QR code on your dog or cat’s collar to help if they go missing

A close up of Ring’s new Pet Tag on a dog’s collar
The Pet Tag attaches to a collar. | Image: Ring

Amazon-owned Ring is launching a $9.99 Pet Tag today to make it easier to bring lost pets back home. The Ring Pet Tag essentially puts a QR code on your dog or cat’s collar, which links up to an app. If the unthinkable happens, someone can scan the QR code and help reunite the lost pet with its owner.

The QR code is linked to a pet profile that can include information like health conditions and, most importantly, an optional “contact me” feature that starts a two-way communication with the pet owner. While you could easily put a regular collar tag on your pet with your phone number, this QR code shields your number, ZIP code, or any other personal information that people frequently place on pet tags.

Image: Ring


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