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Here are your bingo cards for Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Fortnite testimony

A bingo card with terms from the Epic v. Google trial, explained in the post.
We cut Peely the Banana — he’s been pretty absent so far. | Illustration: Cath Virginia

The Epic v. Google trial is absolutely chock-full of intriguing lingo, so we couldn’t resist — we whipped up a custom set of bingo cards to make your trial live blog experience that much sweeter.

Here are four bingo cards to get started with; you can click to enlarge and save whichever strikes your fancy.

Want to print them out for the authentic experience? Be our guest! Unless you don’t have a printer anymore for some reason, of course. There are no prizes, but feel free to let us know in the comments if you win.

You might be wondering what some of these terms mean. May I direct your attention to times they previously came up and why? That way, you’ll be fully prepped f…

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