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The Daylight DC1 is a $799 attempt to build a calmer computer

A photo of a Daylight DC1 tablet on a desk with a keyboard.
There’s something charmingly retro-futuristic about Daylight’s whole vision. | Image: Daylight Computer

There’s a new company in the race to make a less distracting, more minimalist, and generally sanity-saving kind of computer. It’s called Daylight Computer, and it’s launching its first device today: the DC1, a 10.5-inch tablet with some interesting ideas about gadget design.

The DC1’s main hook is its display. Daylight calls it a “LivePaper” screen and says it looks like E Ink but is smooth and responsive like a traditional LCD. This is… not otherwise a thing that exists, at least not yet, and in general, anyone that promises an “E Ink-like” LCD screen is seriously overselling their product. But Daylight believes it has invented something genuinely new and better. If so, it would be a pretty exciting combination of iPad and Kindle….

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